Femjoy Models



Abby Femjoy

Every girl at Femjoy gets rated by the members for both her beauty and her performance on camera, and Abby is one of the few to garner five stars in both categories. In other words, she’s perfect!


Aida Femjoy

Ukrainian blonde Aida posed for Femjoy in 2005, less than a year after they opened for business. She was training to be a masseuse at the time and wanted to experience something new and earn a little spending cash at the same time.

Alba O

Alba O Femjoy

Latvian model Alba works as a cosmetician, but when she has the time she loves taking her clothes off for Femjoy, and with good reason. She’s remarkably beautiful and flirty.


Aliona Femjoy

Ukrainian girl Aliona is a busty babe with C cup breasts that look even bigger because they’re so impossibly perky. Her curly blonde hair is distinct and arousing, giving her a vivacious quality that she backs up with her sweet smile.

Alsu T

Alsu T Femjoy

Alsu is an adorable Czech model with a sweet smile and a breathtaking lithe body that is a wonder to behold when she poses naked for Femjoy. She works as a professional model and loves to bare it all.


Amandine Femjoy

It won’t surprise you to know that Amandine works as a professional model since she has the body, beauty, and talent for it. The Czech blonde with deep brown eyes is a small-breasted, long-legged goddess.


Angelina Femjoy

Few girls possess the sort of sweet smile that Angelina has and the Femjoy beauty from the Czech Republic is happy to share it in her many sets for the site. She’s one of the few girls on the site to work as a professional model.

Anna T

Anna T Femjoy

Anna works as a secretary, which means the men in her office likely have a hard time getting anything done. One look into her sweet eyes and you’ll be captivated and once you ogle her incredible naked body you’ll be in lust with the Femjoy model.


Anne Femjoy

Anne is busy working towards a degree at college, but the Russian girl makes time for nude modeling work because she loves it. Guys have always loved her good looks and now she can make some money with them.

April E

April E Femjoy

Some girls pose for just a few sets with Femjoy, but April E has been back dozens of times and with good reason. She has breathtaking big natural D cup breasts and a curvy ass and she’s awfully cute to boot.


Ariel Femjoy

Czech redhead Ariel is a prolific Femjoy beauty, having posed for dozens of high quality picture galleries and videos since 2007. She’s a full time professional model and works for numerous porn sites.


Ashley Femjoy

Beautiful German model Ashley has all natural DD cup tits, which is probably why Femjoy keeps asking her back for more incredible picture galleries. She’s exceptionally pretty and has a little bit of that girl next door thing going on.


Asun Femjoy

When a girl can charm your pants off with just a smile she’s special and Spanish model Asun unquestionably falls into that category. She’s new to Femjoy, having begun modeling for them in 2015.


Belinda Femjoy

Confidence comes easily to Belinda because she knows just how beautiful she is and loves to share it with the world through erotic pictures and videos. She has a great smile with thick lips that would be perfect for kissing.


Caprice Femjoy

You might recognize Caprice from a handful of other erotic art sites as she’s turned into quite the prolific model since making her debut for Femjoy in 2010. She brings a rare mixture of impossibly beautiful and cute to every picture gallery and video she does.


Charlotta Femjoy

Brown eyed Czech model Charlotta brings an irresistible elegance to her sets for Femjoy and her stunning beauty makes it impossible to look away for even a second as you watch her movies and browse her high resolution pictures.


Chiara Femjoy

Italian model Chiara works as a journalist, but the allure of taking her clothes off for Femjoy and getting to travel to do so was too much to resist. She gladly accepted the offer to display her body for fans around the world.


Clarissa Femjoy

Clarissa’s lithe body with perky A cup breasts, the tightest shaved pussy you’ve ever see, and a sexy little ass is forever irresistible!


Clover Femjoy

Clover is working to establish a career as a makeup artist, but in the meantime she’s happy to get naked and make a little extra money. She’s a petite brunette with B cup breasts and she’s likely better looking than any girl she’ll put makeup on in the future.


Coxy Femjoy

An engineer by day, Czech redhead Coxy got into nude modeling because she wanted to see what it would be like. She’s pleased with how the Femjoy content turned out and she’s never felt more beautiful than when she was in front of the camera.

Cristie T

Cristie T Femjoy

A hairdresser by trade, Cristie T enjoys stripping naked and modeling for Femjoy when she gets the chance. The blonde-haired beauty from Latvia boasts blue eyes and perky B cup breasts.


Dorothy Femjoy

Dorothy has an exotic quality that makes her a rarity even among the wealth of beautiful girls on Femjoy. Her angular good looks draw your eyes to her face, but it’s hard to keep your attention away from the pair of perfect breasts.

Ella C

Ella C Femjoy

Busty Ukrainian blonde Ella is so good looking that you’ll fall in love with just one smile. Big brown eyes, soft blonde hair, and all natural D cup breasts are all reasons to be in lust with her.


Ellen Femjoy

If you crave a girl that knows what it means to be sexy then Russian blonde Ellen is the perfect choice for you. She’s never happier than when she’s naked and Femjoy gives her a chance to disrobe for erotic art sets.


Eufrat Femjoy

Eufrat is hugely popular adult model and she’s done a bevy of beautiful work for Femjoy. One look at the Czech girl with natural C cup breasts is all it takes for any man to understand why she has made a career out of being naked on camera.


Eva Femjoy

Czech student Eva thought it would be a great idea to model and make a little money and when she was offered a trip to a gorgeous beachside location she couldn’t resist. The beautiful brunette brings us a lean, fit looking body and perfectly round B cup breasts.

Eva K

Eva K Femjoy

Dreamy American model Eva K has worked with Femjoy since 2013 and her lust for the ladies means a wealth of lesbian porn coming from the blonde cutie. She’s bisexual in real life as she prefers to dip her toes into both pools.


Fiona Femjoy

Czech model Fiona has a spectacularly tight body with small breasts and a sexy square of dark pubic hair above her pussy. There’s always a smile on her face when she plays naked for the camera because she takes great joy in her work.


Fiva Femjoy

In her life Fiva is an engineer, a job she studied for before landing a great position. As a Femjoy model she’s tight body perfection and it seems like it might be hard to get anything done around the office with such a beauty around every day.


Helena Femjoy

Naturally curly hair is a rarity these days, but Czech model Helena has it and she’s not about to straighten it out for a porn shoot. She’s proud of her loose curls, just as she’s proud of her astonishingly slender body and her A cup breasts.


Holly Femjoy

Czech chick Holly likes to masturbate and her pussy looks perfect when she plays in lusty Femjoy sets. She has tight labia that look most breathtaking from behind when she’s bent over with her ass cheeks parted slightly and her lips in view.


Ivy Femjoy

Ivy is a professional model from the Czech Republic and one look at the small breasted brunette beauty makes it obvious that she works in front of the camera. She’s at ease when pictures are being snapped and video is being filmed.


Jadi Femjoy

Skinny Canadian model Jadi combines cuteness and beauty, which is likely why Femjoy was so eager to hire her. She gives off a strong girl next door vibe, especially when she smiles, at which point it becomes impossible to resist her.


Jayla Femjoy

American model Jayla has a genuinely perfect pair of C cup breasts that are perfectly round and perky and that’s just part of what makes her amazing at Femjoy.

Jenny A

Jenny A Femjoy

American model Jenny A has a great love of the outdoors and whenever she works with Femjoy she insists on doing it on the beach, in the woods, in a grassy field, etc. She has a toothy, sweet smile and she’s awfully generous with it.


Josephine Femjoy

Josephine works as a secretary in the Czech Republic and her boss must have to work hard not to have an affair with her or spend all day fantasizing about it because she is gorgeous. Plus, she has big natural tits with a perfect shape.

Juliet R

Juliet R Femjoy

Juliet’s blue eyes sparkle when she smiles and she can’t help but do it all the time because she’s such a joyful girl. Her day job is as a secretary and she would be such a treat to have around the office.


Junia Femjoy

Blonde model Junia uses her small tits and sexy ass to enchant and arouse in nude art sets from Femjoy. She’s yet another gorgeous gal from the Czech Republic and she has a girl next door quality that most ladies from her home country lack.

Karina L

Karina L Femjoy

Sometimes a Femjoy girl is so slender, sexy, and beautiful that it seems like she should be walking the runways as a fashion model and Karina L is one of those babes.


Katalin Femjoy

Curly hair Ukrainian girl Katalin’s large natural breasts are certainly the first thing you’ll notice about her. Her body offers slight curves but her boobs are bigger than you might expect, making them impossible to look away from.

Kiara L

Kiara L Femjoy

Irresistible is a word you could use to describe most of the models at Femjoy, but it’s never been so apt as when talking about Kiara L, a blonde Czech beauty that offers everything a man could want.


Kinga Femjoy

When you see the perky tits of Polish model Kinga you’ll understand why Femjoy has brought her back for so many shoots. She’s worked with them dozens of times and though she works as a hostess she’s always willing to take time off from the job.


Kirsten Femjoy

Kirsten is a good looking French girl with bisexual leanings and her work for Femjoy reflects those tendencies. She is comfortable in front of the camera and loves that she gets to work outdoors in gorgeous locations.


Lara Femjoy

Brown eyed girl Lara thought she would look better as a blonde, so she dyed her hair long ago and she’s kept it ever since. You can be the judge in her sexy sets for Femjoy, but she looks great with that dyed look and her tanned skin goes well with it.

Lorena G

Lorena G Femjoy

Small tits Spanish model Lorena G first took her clothes off for Femjoy in 2008 and she’s been working with the site ever since. When they go back to a girl dozens of times it’s because she’s truly irresistible.


Lulu Femjoy

French student Lulu was approached one day by a photographer that wanted to take nude pictures of her for Femjoy and the idea sounded so exciting that she accepted immediately. The experience turned out to be the thrill of a lifetime!

Marina T

Marina T Femjoy

Marina T is the girl for you as her B cups ride insanely high on her chest. Her nipples seem to be in a state of permanent excitement and since it’s nude art she’s posing for the girl rarely keeps her clothes on for long.


Marta Femjoy

Greek babe Marta might be one of the few engineers in the world to take her clothes off for an erotic art site, but the Femjoy model was approached by a photographer and happily agreed when he offered her a vacation to an exotic spot.


Martha Femjoy

Lithuanian model Martha has a lovely pair of big natural tits that almost always have tan lines because she can’t get enough of the beach. The fresh-faced babe with remarkable brown eyes is a full time student working towards a degree.

Medina U

Medina U Femjoy

Medina comes to us from Russia and she possesses the kind of exceptional good looks that Femjoy loves in their models. With brown hair, blue eyes, and a sweet smile she has girl next door qualities.


Mia Femjoy

Mia works as a journalist and it’s hard to imagine saying no to anything she asks because she’s just too beautiful and has such a strong grasp on her sexuality and how to use it skilfully to delight eager men.

Mila K

Mila K Femjoy

Czech girl Mila K is one of the most beautiful women you will see on Femjoy or anywhere else. It’s no wonder that she’s a professional model since girls this good looking really should be sharing their beauty with the world, not hiding in an office.

Nadina L

Nadina L Femjoy

Nadina L has the girl next door smile you might expect from an American beauty and she brings a world class body with her to ensure that you’ll find excitement in staring at her. Her big breasts include puffy nipples that are bound to make your mouth water.


Nici Femjoy

Czech model Nici is astonishingly beautiful and possesses a natural sexiness that few women can boast. For her, it takes very little effort to be irresistibly hot and she’s turned that quality into a career.


Nikola Femjoy

Nikola stood out to the photographer that recruited her to Femjoy because of her stunningly sexy body. Even without seeing her naked he could tell that she was a unique treat of a woman and in her nude pictures and videos it’s proven to be true.


Olivie Femjoy

Olivie has been captured in gorgeous pictures and hot videos as she tenderly poses nude, showing off perky little breasts and a wonderful shaved pussy. Her sets are just a bit more artistic than most, of course.

Patricya L

Patricya L Femjoy

It seems that you find perfection around every corner at Femjoy, and Latvian model Patricya is yet another example of that truth. She’s a cutie with a great smile, pretty blue eyes, and long blonde hair.


Paulina Femjoy

Sexy Ukrainian girl first modeled for Femjoy in 2007 when she was a student looking to travel and make a little money. They took her to beautiful beaches and lovely locales around the world to capture her unique beauty.

Renata L

Renata L Femjoy

It’s exceedingly rare for a girl to grow her curly hair as long as Renata L wears it and that’s just one reason to fall for this beautiful Czech model. From head to toe her body is remarkably tight, her nipples are puffy and delightfully sexy looking.


Sabrisse Femjoy

Sabrisse has just begun her modeling career but there’s every reason to believe this brunette beauty from the Czech Republic will be a huge success. Her big brown eyes are full of passion as they meet yours in arousing pictures and videos.


Sarah Femjoy

When Italian girl Sarah began modeling for Femjoy she was still a student at university and looking to make some extra cash and have some fun. She fell in love with it though and has come back again and again.


Sicilia Femjoy

Hungarian blonde Sicilia works as a dancer when she’s not posing nude for Femjoy, and it shows in her lithe, limber body that she can do so many beautiful things with.


Sofie Femjoy

Sofie is one of the few models on Femjoy that can claim to be curvy and that’s mostly due to her flared hips and her breathtaking big natural titties. The American model is exceptionally cute with pretty brown eyes and lips that can’t help but smile.

Sonya D

Sonya D Femjoy

Sonya D made her debut with Femjoy in 2013, bursting onto the scene by having lesbian sex with a big breasted beauty. Since then she’s worked in numerous erotic solo sets, posing in a variety of gorgeous locations.


Susann Femjoy

Slender girls with natural and perky D cup tits don’t come along all that often, which is why Femjoy has crafted so much nude art with Susann. She’s a classic beauty on top of being busty and she has little desire to keep her clothes on.


Suzie Femjoy

Czech brunette Suzie is so good looking and sensual it’s no surprise that she works as a professional model for Femjoy and other erotic sites. Some girls are pretty, but this slender chick is straight up beautiful.


Tea Femjoy

When Czech model Tea flashes her beautiful smile hearts melt around the world. When she’s not modeling she works as a journalist and her astounding good looks probably make digging up facts a whole lot easier.

Tracy A

Tracy A Femjoy

American blonde Tracy A just recently shot her first ever porn scene, making her debut with Femjoy after being recruited by a photographer that was enamoured with her beauty and her slender body. She spends her days working as a secretary.

Vanea H

Vanea H Femjoy

Bisexual babe Vanea H has the most incredible big natural D cup tits that have maintained their perkiness despite their amazing size and she keeps coming back to Femjoy to make more erotic art because everyone wants to see more.


Vanita Femjoy

Croatian cutie Vanita was eager to try something new when the opportunity to model for Femjoy came along. She was bored with her life and needed excitement so she agreed and embarked on a beautiful journey to share her personality with us.

Verena P

Verena P Femjoy

Graceful brunette Verena is an American girl and works as a secretary when she’s not dancing ballet for fun or taking her clothes off in a thrilling Femjoy scene.


Very Femjoy

American girl Very has the most spectacular big blue eyes, an utterly charming smile, and a tight body with perky breasts and a lovely pussy that she keeps shaved because it’s sexier.

Victoria P

Victoria P Femjoy

You’re not likely to come cross a better looking blonde girl than Victoria P, the Femjoy model that loves being naked in front of the camera. She’s slim and leggy and works as a professional model.

Whitney C

Whitney C Femjoy

Whitney C has typical American good looks with her long, dirty blonde hair, sweet smile, and a tight tanned body that she loves to show off. She’s clearly satisfied by modeling naked for Femjoy, especially since it means she gets to travel.


Yami Femjoy

When university student Yami received an offer to model for Femjoy she couldn’t resist the chance to have some fun in the nude. She’s still busy studying but now she takes her clothes off every once in a while.


Yasmi Femjoy

Brunette model Yasmi is a stunner with exceptionally long dark hair, sexy B cup breasts, and a more open pursuit of her sexuality than most girls that appear at Femjoy. She likes masturbating and wants to do it on camera.